EXHIBITION: There's No Place Like Home - A Novel You Walk Through
to Nov 15

EXHIBITION: There's No Place Like Home - A Novel You Walk Through

There’s No Place Like Time: A Novel You Walk Through
- video art exhibition and book reading from Theories Of Forgetting showed at Greenhouse 8th floor gallery

There’s No Place Like Time is a real space dedicated to the unreal career of one of America’s most overlooked video artists.

From Alana Olsen’s videos and the language surrounding them (including a full-length catalogue about her life and work) you are invited to infer her development, obsessions, and relationship with her equally reality-challenged daughter, Aila, a Berlin art critic and conceptual artist who curates the exhibition. It is a collaborative, multimodal exhibit, interested in troubling the relationship between signifier and signified, and the problematization of historical knowledge.


About the novel "Theories Of Forgetting" by Lance Olsen:

“A masterful work.” —The Quarterly Conversation

“There is astonishing beauty throughout Theories of Forgetting, both in its text and in its form, in its disintegrating archives and its insistence that choices be made, momentums potentially altered. It moves and makes us move.” —15 Bytes Artists of Utah / 15 Bytes

“Lance Olsen’s Theories of Forgetting is a remarkably fugue-like ode to the intricacies of memory. Offering two intersecting stories about illness, loss and forgetting, with annotations, this is an extremely smart and moving book about how our lives wind snail-like around one another as they risk flindering away into absence or death.” —Brian Evenson


Lance Olsen is author of more than 20 books of and about innovative writing. A Guggenheim, Berlin Prize, D.A.A.D. Artist-in-Berlin Residency, N.E.A. Fellowship, and Pushcart Prize recipient, as well as a Fulbright Scholar, he teaches experimental narrative theory and practice at the University of Utah.

Andi Olsen’s short videos, collages and assemblages have been exhibited across the U.S. and in Europe.


06.11 Vernissage from 6pm, reading from the novel at 8pm
07.11-12.11 From 5pm until 9pm
13.11 Finnissage from 6pm
14.11-15.11 From 5pm until 9pm


A conversation with the artist:
Collaboration, multimodal art, Robert Smithson, forgetting as a way of remembering, the relationship between the signifier and the signified, the problematization of historical knowledge, the universe, and everything.


In collaboration with Greenhouse - cultural art project based in Berlin

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to Oct 24


Time has come once again to celebrate Love, Music and Wax !

For the 10th instalment of The Volunteer Sessions we're thrilled to have the awesome Qzen spinning with us ! Hosting the night as always, our residents Gigstern, Bali and Nagababa to make sure the heat stays on all night.

00:00 h - 01:00 h Gigstern
01:00 h - 02:00 h Bali
02:00 h - 03:30 h Qzen
03:30 h - 04:30 h Nagababa
04:30 h - End TVS Allstars b2b

More information at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1037675596264806/

They met as volunteers, still are volunteers for music and volunteers they will forever remain. In the meantime, our residents (Bali, Gigstern & Nagababa) have gathered every month to provide music, love and happiness to their ever growing family. Each and every Volunteer Session has invited a guest DJ on the base of wax, eclectic taste and gender equality. Every of these reunions is concluded by a B2B to share music (& eventually peanut butterzz) with the community.

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