White Lie x Berlin Disaster invite Misumami (Planet Self - AUS)
to Aug 20

White Lie x Berlin Disaster invite Misumami (Planet Self - AUS)

White Lie x Berlin Disaster invite guests to their curated nights around town, hand picked from their network in the european hiphop scene. 

Together, as a new-born duo, they're promoting parties, holding DJ workshops for women, and playing shows for "almost every web radio in Europe" - with diversity and prestigeless fun as the main goal. 

For this edition we're proud to put the soul/hiphop queen Misumami at the microphone for a live show at repeat


Misumami (Planet Self)

Gliding the boundaries of contemporary soul music and underground beats culture, Misumami represents a splash in a pond of the worldwide soul music scene. Effortless and fluid vibrations pushed from the heart and mind, designed to be felt by the body. 

The brainchild of singer, producer and musician Charli Habib, with background input from well established indie producer Inkswel - Misumami represents a new rawness in the over saturated internet age where anybody can create. Something truly unique and universal. One part Erykah, one part Little dragon, a touch of Chemise and a nod to Evelyn Champagne King. 

Her debut solo single “LET THE DRUMS SPEAK” a mere teaser of the future direction of Misumami, featuring friends Illa J (Detroit) and Lay-Far(Moscow), the free single represents the accumulated sound for the upcoming full length album. With an already impressive musical resume, including and not limited to collaborations with NYAK (Ninja Tune) , Yam Who?, Davis (Soul Clap Records), Kid Sublime, Red Rackem and BBE Records and their previous collaborative group EARLYBIRD SOUL SYSTEM on Dopeness Galore Records - the future is bright for MISUMAMI, who hopes to bring a refreshing twist and tang to the scene and the world its apart of. 

Listen to her latest project on Frission Radio presented together with DJ and producer Inkswel


Berlin Disaster (female:pressure)

Berlin Disaster is a Paris-born, Berlin-based DJ who has spent too much time in clubs to not decide to get behind the decks. She likes her sounds hot and sexy and enjoys nothing more than a sweaty dancefloor. Hip hop, r&b, reggaeton, and jersey club are her sweet spots and she is obsessed with finding the weirdest remixes of her favourite songs - think moaning girl samples, borderline cringeworthy mashups and lots of cool riddims.

She also works towards helping more women start DJing and firmly believes that girls do it better.


White Lie (Golden Mint Productions)
www.mixcloud.com/whitelie-berlin / www.whitelie-berlin.tumblr.com

White Lie aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive is an impulsive experiment that started in the HQ of electronic music, Berlin late 2014. Over time she's been developing a synergy between soul, neo soul, and jazz - with old school hiphop as a rooted base. A jumble mélange; from saxophone to rap.

She's also playing sets at Hotel Radio Paris and Cashmere Radio, and drops mixes for Pigalle Paris Radio on a regular basis. Resident of Unbreakable Beats, and always working hard to promote and high light female DJ's and artists. 


Entrance free.

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Hip hip hip x Beats x Sisterhood x Nail Art x Visual Creativity
to Jun 26

Hip hip hip x Beats x Sisterhood x Nail Art x Visual Creativity

Based on feelings and personal experience, in the electronic dominated music scene, we felt like something was missing: a pure hiphop hommage covering all genres and styles of hiphop. From old school, new school, jazz/soul/funk, grime, trap, jersey club, trip hop, rap, bass, r&b, 90’s, 00’s, down to 80’s, to indie and underground, and back again we are proud to present

Hip hip hip
- a tribute to hiphop, with an all female line up. 


Berlin Disaster (female:pressure)
Berlin Disaster is a Paris-born, Berlin-based DJ, spreading the love for hot and sexy sounds of hip hop, r&b, reggaeton, and jersey club - think moaning girl samples, borderline cringeworthy mashups and lots of cool riddims. Firmly believes that girls do it better.

Das She Cray
Smashing down musical barriers with their tight selections and looks to match, girl supergroup DAS SHE CRAY will be initiating their planetary take-over. Expect hip-hop and booty shaking tunes from across the spectrum.

White Lie aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive (Golden Mint Productions)
www.whitelie-berlin.tumblr.com / www.mixcloud.com/whitelie-berlin
An impulsive experiment playing around with rap, jazz, soul and r&b with old school hiphop as the base.

Wannabe kindergarden teacher who embraces the dark sounds of GAIKA, Lorn or Bones but likes throwing in some Brazil every now and then. 


You’ll sing along, get nostalgic and surprised, feeling them summer vibes at Base Ment for a full blown hiphop night. 


Additional booth: early during the night Effy Nails will be there pimping your nails.


Curated by Emma Isabella Karlsson & Camille Darroux in collaboration withBeniblaEffy Nailsfemale:pressure and Golden Mint Productions.


From 7pm: art vernissage by Jeanette Mansson Rodell.



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White Lie at Fete de la Hip-Hop
to Jun 18

White Lie at Fete de la Hip-Hop

Yo! All the Hip-Hop people in Berlin, like every year same time when all the city celebrates Fete de la Music, we do our own celebration - Fete de la Hip-Hop. One day is not enough, we need the whole weekend. So 17, 18 and 19 of June will be dedicated to international Hip-Hop culture here in Panke.
This year we are continuing with films, concerts, graffitti, MC battles, breakdance and specially for this year we organized a street food market which will be held on Sunday. Check out our program and join us to keep traditions in our Hof:

***Friday doors open at 22h***
(a night dedicated to New Shit)

White Lie aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive
(Golden Mint Productions)

Black Prez

(Mixtape Menage/Harsh Riddims)

Adventure Tyme


Misumami & Inkswel (BBE records)

***Saturday doors open at 16h***

Don't Let The Label Label You Hof battles
Koron vs Change19
FAB vs Cris Kotzen

Keur Gui (Senegal)

Jad Rec (Lithuania)

Rino Mandingo & The Forcki9ers

Baba Cherif & Lucky Loop

JollyJay & H2o

Dj Druggy Fresh (Moontroop/Pretty Dirty)
Lucky Loop (Beat Kollektiv)
Marian Tone (Beat Kollektiv)

***Sunday doors open at 12h***

Street Food Market

Tickets available at Panke
VVK one day ticket 9 euro
two days ticket 15 euro
AK 10 euro

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All Eyes On Hiphop w/White Lie, Berlin Disaster, Get Her
to Jun 17

All Eyes On Hiphop w/White Lie, Berlin Disaster, Get Her

All eyes on hiphop;
a journey through the hiphop styles and its history starting with old school/funk/jazz/soul/r'n'b, fading over to new school, grime, rap and contemporary hiphop, going over to trap, trip hop and jersey club.

Berlin Disaster (female:pressure)


White Lie aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive (Golden Mint Productions)

Free entrance - wear sneakers

Photo by Danilo Sierra Photography

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The Volunteer Sessions pt. 13
7:00pm 7:00pm

The Volunteer Sessions pt. 13

Time has come once again to celebrate Love, Music and Wax ! We're psyched to be sharing the decks this month with Battista, whose diverse, raw, wide-eyed and funky sets are definitely a must ! Residents Nagababa, Bali and Gigstern on warm-up duties.

Foreplay: https://soundcloud.com/battistamusic

Taking inspiration from the foundations of experimental dance - particularly movements such as Detroit techno and Chicago house - along with the umbrella that covers soul and disco, Battista has carved his own sound onto the contemporary club terrain. His diligence and perseverance with Uaudio have earned the attention of external sources like Will Bankhead's singular The Trilogy Tapes stable, a position that is likely to attract a subsequent string of label-heads.

22:00 - 23:30 Nagababa
23:30: - 01:00 Bali
01:00 - 02:00 Gigstern
02:00 - 04:00 Battista
04:00 - End B2b2b2B

Free entry until midnight, 4 euro after.


The Volunteer Sessions is a monthly curated event with a strong focus on the love for wax pressed music. Earlier events were held at: Acud Macht Neu (as like this time), Paloma Bar and Gelegenheiten along with several private parties around Berlin.

"They met as volunteers, still are volunteers for music and volunteers they will forever remain. In the meantime, our residents (Bali, Gigstern & Nagababa) have gathered every month to provide music, love and happiness to their ever growing family. Each and every Volunteer Session has invited a guest DJ on the base of wax, eclectic taste and gender equality. Every of these reunions is concluded by a B2B to share music with the community."

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White Lie w/ Black Prez LIVE + Unbreakable Beats vol. 5
to Jan 10

White Lie w/ Black Prez LIVE + Unbreakable Beats vol. 5

A Berlin-based beats, bass and lyricist-driven series celebrating hip-hop diversity through the culture's genres, sub-genres, and offspring."

Black Prez
Black Prez is a Colorado-raised, LA-based rapper, actor, and jokester with a keen appetite for beer and lactose free strawberry milk.

Always having a passion for music, Black Prez began writing his own lyrics around the age of 13 in his middle school English class. At home he would make remixes to his favorite songs and sell CDs for lunch money.

After high school, Black Prez took his talents to Colorado State University where he started doing shows around the city and surrounding states. He also teamed up with DJ T-Bone Scarpone and together they would crash house parties with turntables and microphones to create a buzz.

Prez eventually moved to Los Angeles to take his music career further. With lots of live shows and collaborations under his belt, Black Prez’s YouTube channel has reached close to 2 million views.

With his Colorado/German roots and happy go lucky attitude, Black Prez has a unique sound and always represents where he comes from!


RJ Thyme (Ryôt A.Ct, Perfect Entropy Productions)

Klaas von Karlos (ReVerse Bullets, Perfect Entropy Productions)

White Lie aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive (Golden Mint Productions)

<<<<<<ADDITIONAL INFO>>>>>>>
Eintritt: 6€ bevor Mitternacht oder mit Passwort / 8€ danach Mitternacht


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White Lie @ Mirror Mirror - Interdisciplinary Art Meeting
to Nov 22

White Lie @ Mirror Mirror - Interdisciplinary Art Meeting

Mirror Mirror is our first interdisciplinary art meeting occurring from November 18 to 22 at the Greenhouse Berlin. Curated conjointly by Clayton Thomas (AU), Miriam Siebenstaedt (DE), Karíma Al Mukhtarová (CZE) and Adenan Ahmad (DE).
The meeting focuses on experimental and improvised art forms ranging from movement, dance to installation-art and sound.

24.00 - 02.00 OLD SKOOL HIPHOP: DJ C.T. Thomas vs White Lie
p.s. This is not a fake!

The whole event on Facebook: 18. - 22. Nov. / Mirror Mirror / Interdisciplinary Art Meeting @ Greenhouse Berlin

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to Dec 15


OPEN CALL - performance artists

Golden Mint Productions is seeking collaborators for a performance art tour around Berlin. The project includes "pop up shows" in galleries, public spaces, art collectives, and at parties. Therefor; the equipment for each piece has to be movable and not to big or heavy.

Body movements, interaction with the audience and unexpected surprises is a plus.

Are you a Berlin based performance artist that's not afraid for pushing the limits? Send us an email.

The application should involve:
- portfolio/pictures from earlier work
- a description of the piece you want to show
- short information about yourself and your bakground

Send your application to: [email protected]
Deadline: 15.12.2015

Let's create together!

Emma Isabella Karlsson
Curator and founder

Golden Mint Productions is a non-profit curatorial platform working on a independent basis.

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GOLD RUSH - Bass/Electronic/Hiphop Party
to Oct 30

GOLD RUSH - Bass/Electronic/Hiphop Party


Line up:

NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND/Fauxlie (BLN.FM/ Fly High Society)
Bakläxa (UK/DE)
White Lie (Golden Mint Productions)

+ visual art



DJ, Radio Presenter and Designer based in Berlin. She got her start on pirate radio and since become a fixture on BLN.FM with her standalone show and as a co-presenter on the Fly High Radio flagship show. She has released mixtapes with a number of media bodies and most notably with LA-based Unspeakable Records, spearheaded by the likeminded Dot (Team Supreme). Sonically, NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND cites a wide range of influences but at its core it is fresh, dirty and fun with a strong focus on bass-heavy electronica.



Warm up by Bakläxa - bassy beats


Get Her

London born, today Berlin based DJ and co founder of
SHUTDOWN BERLIN - super fun bass party in association with Adidas Berlin. Gonna be playing hood hip hop, bass and UK grime.


White Lie aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive

In a mix of old school, classics and female power tracks from the hiphop scene.


Art work by Sebastian Drab/Kingdom Of Something

Facebook-event here!

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