Golden Mint Productions on indieberlin radio

This previous weekend I got invited to do a mix and a interview for indieberlin's pilot radio session. Indieberlin has a special place in my (ice cold) heart. Not only are they doing a great job covering the creative scene in Berlin, they're also giving a huge push for Golden Mint Productions and everything around it as soon as anything is on (i.e always). And also: the founders, Noel Maurice and Mia Morris, took me in as a freelance writer when I was new in the city. Basically, the indieberlin-crew was the first ones to back up any kind of creativity I had going on in Berlin in the beginning. I'm forever grateful (and pretty cocky about it)

White Lie (my alter ego -sincerely, Clark Kent) did a live set (unfortunately on a laptop - insert sad smiley -), unbended+soulful beats for around 45 minutes. But before that I did a inteview, talking about the hiphop scene in Berlin ("What feedback I get when I'm djing? Well, they're mostly asking for my phone number...") and about Sifting Gold - of course!

Soon to be on the world wide web! But for now, here's some pictures by Danilo Sierra!