SAMIN SON 2010-2014: To all of you that made it possible


A big production takes a lot of work..

Zeljko Simun Spehar - for fixing everything from lightning, sounds, storage space, paper copies, projectors, the list is longer than this - and for sharing his ideas, knowledge and calmness through the whole process
Adnenan Ahmad - for letting him use his soundsystem, and also for setting it up with the comment “I have to work with cables and sounds, or else I’m going crazy“
Sergei Kleyn - for documenting, coming with advice and being so supportive
Carlos - for carrying, carrying, carrying
The Gumbo - for sharing everything they have, know and can (and for the radio show me and Samin starred:
Ingimar Flòvent - for helping out setting up, taking the entry, and above it all: for all the amazing photo’s
Jeanette Mansson Rodell - for coming over to the gallery the day before the opening night and listening to me when I was freaking out and thought I couldn’t manage to do it
Sebastian Dráb - for the great poster!
Amnon “Nono“ Bikovsky - for being the happiest bar staff in the world
Ali, Anton and Uwe from the workshop - for delivery of new interior to the gallery!
Uwe Bernhart - for solving problems like missing keys and such, and for all the photos!
Vladimir - for lightning
Karima Al-Muktharová - for solving last minute problems we didn’t think about…
Plateau Gallery and Bonobo Bar - for sharing knowledge and let us using your things! You’ve got our back!
“The Greenhouse Spirit“ - for those of you to showed respect and support for the project

And thanks to everybody who came! We couldn’t do it better than this, and we’re so proud that we were sharing it with you.

But above it all:
Thanks to Samin Son, for being able to sharing his experiences in creative way, for making art never to be seen before, for letting us into his world, for spreading the word - and most of all for being an incredible and unique artist and human being! 

Without you all none of this could have ever happen. I’m forever grateful. Let’s meet in a exhibition space very soon again!

Thanks, best, and love

Emma Isabella Karlsson
Curator and Founder
Golden Mint Productions